What's Bbeep?

BBeep is a secure cross platform messenger, which uses your existing data connection to exchange messages and voice calls with your contacts for free. That’s not all, features like Privacy Control let you choose who you can interact with and Message Encryption ensures data confidentiality. Clearly, BBeep is designed to be your primary communication app.

Features that make BBeep better than the rest...


Your security comes first.

BBeep uses industry grade encryption for all messages and ensures that they are only read by the intended recipient.


Free Messaging & Voice Calls.

That’s right! Call or Message your contacts on BBeep network for FREE!


Send Voice Messages.

With BBeep, you can send Voice messages
to all your contacts.


You decide who adds you.

BBeep values your privacy and lets you decide who can add you to their list. Contacts can only exchange messages with you after you approve the request.


Personalised Chat Themes.

BBeep allows you to set background themes for all your chat messages


Multimedia Messaging...

Share Pictures using BBeep

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